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Tips N Tricks : How to hide files in jpg image.

Posted by Binny Friday, October 16, 2009
 Hiding and storing your files in jpg image is an efficient way of data protection as we all know.This post is to inform and share with everyone over here this method of hiding files in a jpg image. Just follow the steps given below and I am
sure that this trick will work.


1. Must have a .zip or .rar compressor.

1. Save the picture of choice to your desktop.

2. Make a new .rar or .zip folder on your desktop.

3. Add the files you want to hide into the .zip or .rar

4. Click start menu, run, cmd.

5. In Command Prompt type cd "desktop" with the quotation marks.

6. Now type in copy /b picturename.jpg + foldername.rar outputfilename.jpg
( If you use .zip then: copy /b picturename.jpg + foldername.zip outputfilename.jpg)

7. Now there should be the outputed file name with a .jpg extension on the desktop.
( Do not close Command Prompt just yet )

8. Double click it to open the picture and check it out.

9. When your done looking, and want to view the hidden files
Type: ren outputfilename.jpg outputfilename.rar or zip

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